Onions are grown worldwide on abt. 2,7 mio ha in abt. 175 countries with a volume of 46,7 Mion to. They are a very important part of the daily kitchen with a yearly consumption of 6,6 kg / head of population and are the second important vegetable after tomatoes.

An important part of the crop is traded internationally as a continuous supply or fresh or from stores is not possible everywhere and at any time.

Eigth percent of worldwide production are traded long distance/oversea. In this part of worldwide market North-West Europe – and here in especially Netherlands – takes a special role due to unique coincidence of climate, geopraphic position ( Latitude ), and logistics. Similar areas are limited available in delivery time and surface on the southern hemisphere with New-Zealand/Tasmania as well as Argentina.

Consumption and demand increases worldwide with increasing population and improving economy while availability of ground remains being a bottle neck.

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