About Concepa

Dr. Peter Grauert
Dr. Peter Grauert

Dr. Peter Grauert

  • Agricultural education at Justus v. Liebig University Giessen
  • phd in applied genetics
  • Product manager in an international seed company with focus in onion crop
  • 2,5 years vegetable production manager in Italy ( 70 ha overwintering onions)
  • from 1990 till 2012 manager of Nickerson-Zwaan GmbH Germany ( including neighbouring countries as A, SLK, CZ, CH )
  • retirement October 2012
  • Nov 2012 – set up of concepa




After more than 30 years of international experience with onion crop national and internationally the way of setting up an independant enterprise was taken successfully.

Purpose of enterprise is to work specificly to bring forward the production and processing of this important vegetable .

As the crop is grown throughout the world where arable land is available similar rules and principles are to be applied while the onions require a specific unterstanding of its complex physiology to do the proper advisory work.

The objective is to support growers and field managers improving their decisionprocess to anticipate problems or to limit the consequences of those which occur on a tolerable level.

Working together on the crop in the fields is the key to success which is basing on the combination of long years experience with understanding of the complexity of demands.


  • lectures for growers, advisors, trade and other market participants ( individual or groups )
  • seminares for ex. as commonly development of risk assessment
  • field tours with education and discussion
  • Information material ( reports from specific meetings/conferences )
  • contact / networking
  • support of study – tours

These fields are offered as single event or in packet. The needs are prediscussed and defined as a basis for individual offers.

“If thinking is an intellectual response to problem, the absence of a problem leads to the absence of thinking”
Levitt, 1975

“… by this rationale, onion growers all over the world do lots of thinking !!”
Steve McArthur, 2011

…supporting the decision process!


Dr. Peter Grauert